Pipe Fittings

Prominent Features of UNCO Pipe Fittings

  • Fastest Selling Brand
  • Rust free and Leak proof
  • Wide range of products
  • Best for underground installations
  • Saving of Time and Labour In underground installations
  • Quick assembling into pipes.
  • Optimum / specified smooth coating of zinc
  • No need for additional coating
  • Perfect and specified thread alignment

Technical Features

  • Endurance / Hardness test to avoid breakage.
  • Temperature Test to maintain malleability.
  • Composition / Specification Test (Physically / Chemically)
  • Sampling test at Mechanical Stage Heat treatment Procedure / Annealing Furnace

Specification / Characteristics

Raw Material
  • Specified Zinc with 99.995% purity
  • Inspection of material before use with written report by trained engineers.
  • Black – heart malleable cast iron as per IS : 14329-1995. Grade BM-300
  • In accordance and conforming to provision laid down by Indian Standard Specifications (ISS)
  • Perfect and specified, Parallel female and taper male threads. Conforming to all provisions mentioned in IS : 554: 1996
  • Conforming to all provisions mentioned in IS : 4759: 1996


Self – explanatory technical chart / comparison data
Specification UNCO ISS ISO BSS JIS
Angle Tolerance Degree (+/-) 0.50 1.00 0.50 0.45 0.40
Min. Zinc Coating (Gms/m2) 655 610 450 450
Max. Working Pressure (Kgf/Cm2 Hydraulic) 20 14 20 14 20
Min. Elogation % 7 6 6 6 5
Min. Tensile Strength (Kgf/mm2) 32 30 30 28 28


  • Higher Malleability: UNCO Pipe fittings withstand higher internal and external pressure as these are made using better melting characteristics. Proper heat treatment is done in annealing process to provide better malleability.
  • Galvanizing: UNCO Pipe fittings are galvanished using highest purity 99.995% zinc through hot dip process which results in proper coating on internal and external surface of products without any black and acid spots. The thickness of zinc coating is maintained as per Indian standards which ensures that our products stand against corrosion in all weather condition.
  • Specified Thread Alignment: After galvanishing, UNCO Pipe Fittings are threaded under strict supervision of engineers using HSS Taps on automatic threading machines to ensure perfect & specified threads alignment as per the provision laid in Indian standard (ISS). Threads are free from defects such as break threads and thin threads.
  • Working Pressure: UNCO Pipe Fittings are tested for leakage at an internal hydraulic pressure of 20 Kgf/Cm2. The maximum working pressure for water is 14 Kgf/Cm2 and for Oil, steam, gas, air it is 11 Kgf/Cm2.